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Welding container for pipe-work

For an entrepreneurial company, DC-Supply delivered a custom-built 14ft container fitted as a welding container for pipe-work. These types of custom-designed containers are particularly well suited for district heating work and the like.
Svejsecontainer til rør arbejde
Svejsecontainer indefra
The container is built to open at both ends, which enables the entry of pipes from both sides of the container. The fitted electrical lift helps ease the work by enabling the controller to choose the height at which to work, depending on the type of job. Additionally, the container is fitted with welding ventilation systems, making it possible to continue the work even in bad weather conditions.

The container has an external electrical fitting that makes it easy to connect it to the power grid. Apart from the ventilation and lift systems, the container is fitted with lighting and storage shelves making storage of smaller tools easy.

At DC-Supply, we are proud of our experience with a variety of custom-designed containers for production and technical needs. We are always here to help you to find a sensible and cost-efficient solution that fits your specific needs. We construct the custom-made containers at our own facility, where our crew of competent smiths, carpenters, engineers and construction managers stand ready to deliver a satisfying solution to all our customers.

Give us a call or send an email if you have any questions, or would like advice. We are ready to help.
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