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40ft Container with a hydraulic side-opening

A 40-foot container from DC-Supply A/S made an appearance at Roskilde Festival 2017.

Built according to the client’s specific requirements, DC-Supply A/S has produced and delivered a 40-foot hydraulic specialty container solution that has adjustable sides, giving the customer the opportunity to “open” the sides.

The hydraulic container is mounted with a bar area, and is therefore particularly well designed to service festivals or larger events. The adjustable sides give the opportunity to create a sheltered area around the bar, for instance in the event of rain, or just to create a cozy ambiance around the bar. The built-in LED lights in the ceiling and sides create a warm and welcoming atmosphere around the area.

At DC-Supply A/S, we stand ready to create the customised container solution that you need. Please do contact us if you are interested in a hydraulic container solution for your event. With us the sky is the limit!

Give us a call or send an email if you have any questions, or would like advice. We are ready to help.

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