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Sales booth: Custom-built mobile cafe container

DC-Supply has designed, produced and delivered a custom built sales booth container for a customer’s mobile cafe.

Sales booth: Custom-built mobile cafe container
Sales booth: Custom-built mobile cafe container
Sales booth: Custom-built mobile cafe container
Sales booth: Custom-built mobile cafe container
The customer wanted an extension to their existing cafe premises used for outdoor serving. The solution from DC-Supply was a custom-built sales booth based on a 20-ft standard container designed to function as both a mobile cafe and sales booth.

The container is equipped with two sales hatches, opening with gas strut dampers – providing easy operation and handling in day to day use of the sales booth. Additionally, the container is fitted with both electricity and plumbing installations, including a small sink with optional cold and hot water.

Internally, the sales booth comes with hardwood floors and plywood clad walls. Along with the classic black ceiling suspended lighting pendants, this helps to set the right atmosphere for the sales booth and its customers.

Included with the sales booth is a roof terrace, that DC-Supply also supplied. When the sales stall is open, the customers have excellent facilities for outdoor dining – with the guests in the mobile cafe being able to enjoy food and drinks along with a nice view from the top of this custom-built container solution.

Experienced and competent advice on sales booth in a container

At DC-Supply we have extensive experience in the design and production of custom container solutions for sales, exhibitions and events. We have delivered sales stalls, ice cream parlours, a burger bar and many other types of exhibition containers, just to name a few. If you are planning a new sales booth, we are always ready with competent advice – Contact us and we will gladly help you move your project forward.

Give us a call or send an email if you have any questions, or would like advice. We are ready to help.

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