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Container waiting room built with recycling in focus.

To Sikuki Nuuk Harbor A/S and Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq in Greenland, DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply delivered a custom-built container, designed as a waiting room. The entire solution was from the get-go, created with a focus on  green energy and recycling of materials.

The container waiting room was built at DC-Supply’s very own workshop in Nørresundby, and after recertification (CSC approval) shipped to Greenland, where it was then set up and installed by local labour.

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Custom-built waiting room in recycled shipping container
Custom-built waiting room in recycled shipping container
Custom-built waiting room in recycled shipping container

Shipping container recycled for use as a waiting room

The new waiting room for the port of Nuuk, Greenland has been built based on a recycled shipping container that was previously used to transport goods from China to Europe. An extra-large glass section replaced the containers entire long side, enabling waiting passengers to enjoy the beautiful view of the harbour in comfort.

The furniture in the waiting room is also made with a focus on recycling and  re-use, being built from recycled building materials. From these materials come beautiful and usable benches that provide not only good seating surfaces but with elevated divisions also offer the option to be used as shelves or tables. The plywood cladding on the walls complements the rustic look in the waiting room, working particularly well with the non-slip aluminium flooring.

The exterior of the container is clad with heat-treated Scandinavian pine. In heat-treating, the wood acquires properties akin to hardwood from South America or Asia, meaning that finishing is unnecessary, leaving a surface requiring neither paint nor oil for maintenance.

Green energy with solar panels

The waiting room is equipped with an electric solution powered by solar panels. The solar panels are mounted on the roof of the container, providing green power for the ceiling-mounted LED lighting, heating and also for the electrical and USB sockets inside the waiting room so that you can charge your phone, tablet, computer, etc. while waiting.

With this energy solution, the solar panels allow the custom-built container waiting room to be partially self-sufficient for electricity. The expertise and experience that DC-Supply A/S has in designing and building mobile container solutions that can be set up and operated anywhere in the world as self-sufficient units powered by environmentally friendly, green energy from e.g. sun or wind have benefited many of our clients all over the world for many years.

If you need extra storage, accommodation, production facilities – or something entirely different that is operated independently of existing supply (and preferably via green energy), contact our experienced sales team. You may be amazed and pleasantly surprised at what is possible with a custom-built container solution from us!

Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq

Slut med at vente ude: Brugt container bliver til venterum ved Tidevandstrappen

24. marts 2022

Mange indbyggere i Nuuk har sat deres ben på Tidevandstrappen for at vente på en båd. Det kan have været en kold eller regnfuld fornøjelse, men det bliver det ikke længere. Sikuki Nuuk Harbour og Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq har nemlig i fællesskab sørget for, at en ombygget container giver ly, varme – og strøm, mens man venter.

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