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Containers for bicycle storage

Comwell Rebild is housed in a stunning location near Rebild and Rold Forest.
Cykelcontainer set fra vejen
Cykelcontainer - cykelopstilling i stativ
Cykelcontainer med udvendig beklædning
The beautiful surroundings gave Comwell the opportunity to expand the visitors’ sports opportunities. Cycling and mountain biking were relevant areas to focus on. However, there was doubt as to where the bikes should be stored. Comwell’s challenge was to find a low cost and environmentally friendly solution that would fit into their surroundings.

The solution was a custom-built 40ft container from DC-Supply, perfect for bike storage, which fell well into the soft natural surroundings at Comwell’s main building. The container’s long side was constructed with folding glass doors, which made it easy to move the bikes in and out. Their forty bicycles could then be stored safely and securely, and always be ready to be used for any recreational exercise.

The 40ft bike storage was covered externally with ThermoWood, insulated from moisture, and equipped with bikeracks for forty bicycles, as well as LED spots in the ceiling. The floor was covered with tiles.

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