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Bicycle library in a container

For landscape gardener OKNygaard A/S and architect Thing Brandt Landskab, DC-Supply has built a bicycle library made in a 20 ft high cube container.
Bicycle library in a container
Bicycle library in a container
Bicycle library in a container
In the 20 ft high cube container, a large window section is mounted at the end where the container originally had container doors. At the opposite end of the window section, a cover has been made with an externally placed outlet for air from a built-in compressor. This way, flat tires can easily get air – also when the bicycle library is otherwise closed. In addition, a foldable table is mounted outside, as well as a plate for posting various information for users and other passers-by.

Inside the container, racks are mounted for suspension of bicycles – bicycles are both easy to store, and they are easy to hang up and take down.

Furthermore, the container’s one long side has been cut out, and instead a large glass door section is built into it. The door section can be folded to the sides, thus opening the container up towards the surroundings. The roof of the high cube container has been modified so OKNygaard has the option of planting sedum plants and thereby forming a green roof on the container and the covering as well.

The new bicycle library container will be used in a newly built traffic park on Amager, Copenhagen. Here, residents can borrow a bicycle from the container, which is provided with children’s bikes, and there is room to carry out a simple service on their own bikes too.

Give us a call or send an email if you have any questions, or would like advice. We are ready to help.

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