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Custom designed changing room

Fårup Summerland lacked changing facilities in their waterpark.
Fårup Aquapark omklædningsrum under opbygning
Fårup Aquapark omklædningsrum set udefra
Fårup Aquapark omklædningsrum set indefra
It had to be a simple and practical solution that easily and quickly could be established, but it also had to fit into the beautiful surroundings of the waterpark in Fårup. The solution had to be relatively simple and affordable.

DC-Supply delivered a specially designed dressing room made up of six 40ft insulated containers with exterior wood cladding. The solution contained lockers that could be used by the guests. The containers were robust and built to withstand many years of use. They were also easy to handle and could be set up as needed.

  • Men’s dressing room 90m2
  • Women’s dressing room 90m2
  • Built in 3x40x2ft, and consisted of six 40ft insulated containers with exterior wood cladding
  • Changing rooms were equipped with lockers
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