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Empty Containers - Accessories & Locks
Have a look at our variety of empty containers, accessories and locks.
Have a look at our complete range of accessories and locks - we cover all of your needs.

Accessories and Locks

Have a look at our complete range of accessories and locks - we cover all of your needs.



With this safety function and approval of the new insurance requirements on Jan. 1, 2016, your goods are provided with the best protection against burglary and unwelcome guests.

A flexible locking bracket which is removable and does not require tools for installation.

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Birepo's internal locking mechanism gives you the optimal protection of your goods against burglary and unwelcome guests.
Pucken Locking System
The lock, unlike others, cannot be cut by a battery-powered angle grinder.
Approved Class V lock.
CC Lock 4
CC Lock 4 provides optimal safety for your container.
Approved Class V lock.
Container Alarm
DC-Supply has developed a portable container alarm. The alarm is constructed with magnets and provides additional security for your cargo.
Locking Bar
A locking bar is an effective locking mechanism for containers; it is a relatively simple security system that ensures that the cargo has the best possible protection.
FixLock is designed to protect goods or tools in containers during loading, shipping, and storage.
Alarm and Monitoring System
The SensorCLIP SC100 can measure the fluctuations in current temperatures, and notifies you via SMS and mail.
With a mobile light fixture, you get a simple but effective solution designed for storage containers.
A staircase fitted for our containers is a flexible and secure solution when the containers are stacked.
Bridgefittings are used for the assembly of several different containers.
The foundation is a base on which the container can be placed.
A twistlock is inserted into the corners above and below the container. By turning the handle, the stack is pre-locked.
Twistlock with Foundation
The twistlock with a foundation is used to securely fasten the containers to the ground.


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