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Moveable shelf brackets for containers

Movable shelf brackets from DC-Supply give you a flexible and affordable solution when customising your container for storage. This applies regardless of whether you need to store materials on the construction site or need extra shelves to expand storage capacity.
Moveable shelf brackets for containers
Moveable shelf brackets for containers
Moveable shelf brackets for containers
Mounting shelves in containers typically adds significantly to the costs when you want a good storage solution in your container. Fixed rack systems are of course the perfect solution when storage items requires it – but if you need a more flexible fitting, DC-Supply has a very good and affordable solution.

With us, you can now order moveable shelf brackets, – a solution that can be mounted in just five minutes, and which can easily be moved as needed, also between different containers. The brackets hang up with lashes and support the container wall. A shelf is then made of five pieces of boards. Fast, simple and cheap! The brackets can be bought at DC-Supply for only DKK 1,850, – per set of 4 items. (Boards not included).

A solution with movable shelf brackets from DC-Supply is especially for you who use one or more containers for storage of materials or goods, whether it’s on the construction site or in the form of extra storage capacity. The brackets provide great flexibility in the layout of your storage, as all you have to do is adjust the length of the tiling boards to match your needs – and of course, hang up the brackets accordingly.

If you would like to know more about our movable half brackets, or if you need input for a flexible storage solution in containers, please feel free to contact our experienced staff for advice and guidance.

Give us a call or send an email if you have any questions, or would like advice. We are ready to help.

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