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Container shop

7-Eleven had significant challenges in finding a safe and sound solution where a temporary store could be freely available to customers during the day and the evening, yet kept secure at night by Nørreport Station in Copenhagen. .
The temporary shop would operate while metro construction continued. The location in central Copenhagen meant that 7-Eleven was a popular store in regards to the number of customers. However, the location also created challenges in finding a solution that satisfied the requirements for size, availability, and security.

DC-Supply delivered a specially designed 3x9m container for temporary deployment while the metro construction was going on. The store’s facade could be rolled down to secure the store when closed.

The container served as a complete shop with the possibility of selling fast food, tickets, etc. It is equipped with an office, storage, and toilet facilities. Since it was a temporary solution the container store is ideal because it was a simple solution combined with relatively low costs.

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