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Container with toilet and shower DCS 1012

At DC-Supply, we manufacture robust and comfortable 10ft ISO containers with two separate toilets/showers.

Skurvogn 1012 lukket
Skurvogn 1012 plan
Skurvogn 1012 åben

It is particularly suitable for construction sites or in connection with events. The container is fitted with forklift pockets or sharp corners, allowing them to be moved by truck or crane, if necessary.  

  • Insulated 10ft container with two toilets/showers, each with a door area and exterior lighting
  • Built-in electrical box with 32 amp CEE plugs for intake and 32 amp outlet for series connection with multiple devices
  • 100 mm outlet and ¾” water connection
  • Suitable for events and/or on construction sites
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