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Divided service container

The customer lacked space for storage and residence/changing rooms for their personnel.
Opdelt service container set fra toppen
Opdelt service container
Opdelt service container set fra siden
The 20ft service container had to be able to be transported by truck. Therefore, they needed a simple, straightforward, and mobile solution that could ensure the preferences of the crew needs.

DC-Supply delivered a custom-built 20ft divided service container. This unit was adapted to the customer’s specific requirements. The container is part of a series of service and cleaning units, which is transported on trucks around the Nordic countries. The container can be opened from the side using the double door. The container must be attached to the truck during use; therefore, some changes were made to the handle and an extra handle was added that can be mounted to the bottom of the door. The container can work with ordinary, 32-amp, and 24V supply from the truck.


  • 20ft container divided into two rooms.
  • Storage and residence/changing facilities for crew.
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