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Extension of Technical Room

The customer needed an expanded installation of the control equipment in the factory as the previously delivered technical room was too small.
Udvidelse af teknikhus set udefra
Udvidelse af teknikhus set indefra
Udvidelse af teknikhus plantegning
The technical room had to be twice the size in order to meet the customer’s requirements. Therefore, an additional unit was built. The existing technical room is separated by a wall, and AC units were moved to the new unit. The customer also had another challenge. All installation work needed to be completed during a short downtime at the factory.

DC-Supply constructed a 10ft container with insulated panels. The technical room can be adapted as desired to accommodate all types of technical installations. The unit can be built in preferred colors and additional details such as insulation capacity, height, width, stern, and exterior cladding adapted to the surroundings.

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