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Mobile container based slaughterhouse.

Collaborating with AVS Agric ApS, DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply has developed a mobile slaughterhouse container containing a complete, fully functional slaughterhouse.

The mobile slaughterhouse containers are to be built at DC-Supply’s workshop in Denmark, and then transported to Africa, (initially) by ship and truck. Upon arrival, the slaughterhouses are then set up ready for processing and production.

The mobile slaughterhouse based on two 40-ft containers, contains a small yet fully equipped, functional slaughterhouse. The animals enter one end and, after processing – exit the other as finished cuts, mince, sausages and more. The production time at DC-Supply’s workshop is approximately eight weeks. Once the slaughterhouse container arrives at its location, set-up is completed in a single day. After connecting power and water supplies, the container based slaughterhouse is ready for immediate use.

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Mobile container based slaughterhouse
Mobile container based slaughterhouse
Mobile container based slaughterhouse
Mobile container based slaughterhouse

Mobile slaughterhouse containers – the result of a joint effort

Ultimately – the collaborational goal between AVS Agric ApS and DC-Supply A/S has been to design and build a standard, efficient solution, enabling many slaughterhouses to be built and exported within a short time frame.

Another important element relevant to the operation of the slaughterhouse containers at the locations in Africa – is training. For this reason, Tech College Aalborg has also become part of a joint effort surrounding the mobile slaughterhouse containers. Therefore in addition to selling the slaughterhouse containers themselves, the plan is to also offer specialised training courses to potential buyers. Giving them the opportunity to train local staff in handling all aspects of the production process – be it in relation to the slaughterhouse, freezer, processing or the sausage making. Furthermore – AVS Agric ApS has a team of professional butchers on hand and ready to supervise the slaughterhouse once it is in place – no matter where in the world it is located.

See more about the mobile slaughterhouse in the video from AVS Agric ApS on this page. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about the project or are interested in the many possibilities that become available with a mobile slaughterhouse container from DC-Supply A/S.

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