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Extra high custom-built 40-ft High Cube container: Tailored for industrial excellence.

When it comes to catering to the unique needs of our industrial clients, DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply, takes pride in our ability to craft custom-built solutions. In a recent project, we provided a 40-ft High Cube container, specially designed with extra height, showcasing our commitment to bespoke container solutions.

At DC-Supply A/S, our expertise lies in customising containers to fit precise requirements – also specific size requirements. In cases where industrial machinery or equipment demands extra space, like the one in this project, we rise to the challenge. But we don’t stop at height adjustments. Our custom-built containers can also be widened to accommodate diverse needs. Take, for instance, the solution we crafted for a salmon slaughterhouse in the Faroe Islands, where the container needed both extra height and extra width.

More space with extra height

This custom-built container’s height has been elevated to an impressive 3792 mm, nearly a full metre higher than the standard 2896 mm height of a 40-ft High Cube container. One standout feature is the electric gate installed in the gable, offering convenient access, as it provides an ample door opening of approximately 3200 mm.

You can find more information about container dimensions and weight here.

Climate-adapted insulation ensures minimum temperature

The hallmark of this project was the attention to detail. At the request of our client, the container was  painted in an anthracite grey hue (RAL 7016). However, it’s not just about appearances; this container boasts a range of practical features. It comes fully insulated (70 mm Rockwool, also below the floor), ensuring climate control, and is equipped with a heating system to maintain a minimum temperature of 30°C, even in the chilly Danish climate.

This project is yet another testament to our dedication to creating tailored solutions that meet the exact specifications of our clients. What sets us apart is our adaptability: We can tailor containers to operate effectively in a wide range of climates, from the extreme cold of -51°C to the scorching heat of +60°C. This versatility has led to the delivery of containers for projects not only in diverse industrial settings but also across geographical extremes, from the Arctic and Greenland to the Faroe Islands and Africa.

If you’re looking for a container solution that goes beyond the standard, contact our experienced sales team. We’re eager to channel our expertise and know-how into your unique project, whether it involves customising container height, width, insulation, or interior design. At DC-Supply A/S, we specialise in turning your bespoke container dreams into reality!

Extra high custom-built 40-ft High Cube container: Tailored for industrial excellence
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