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Container for mobile classroom.

Not all young people have it easy, and sometimes there is a need for unconventional solutions to make everyday life easier.

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Mobilt klasseværelse
Mobilt klasseværelse set indefra
Mobilt klasseværelse med vinduer

A custom-built container becomes a mobile classroom

This is well known in Copenhagen Municipality. One of the ideas was to attract young people with social problems from the traditional environment and into the green area – literally.

The solution was a mobile classroom based on a prefab 3x7m container module from DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply. The classroom was covered with Kalmar boards and equipped with bar windows, so it fell naturally into the green surroundings.

The result was a custom-built container solution, which gave the Municipality a safe and secure place where vulnerable young people could stay during the day. The containers solid construction and locking accessories meant that the mobile classroom could be left at night without fear of theft.

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