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Salmon processing plant for the Faroe Islands.

Mobile container solution for HiddenFjord.

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Specialcontainer til lakseslagteri HiddenFjord anlæg
Specialcontainer til lakseslagteri HiddenFjord indeni
Specialcontainer til lakseslagteri HiddenFjord

Salmon processing plant in mobile special container solution helps deliver high-quality fish

The fishing industry is the behemoth of Faroe Islands industries, making up almost 95% of the islands export.

In the Faroe Islands, fishing is the biggest industry, incorporating most other industries within it. The process of catching, killing, and cleaning the fish all happens in the Faroe Islands.

For the HiddenFjord salmon farms in the Faroe Islands, DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply developed a custom-built solution based on 40ft High Cube containers. We have previously delivered a mobile slaughterhouse solution for Luna Lakseopdræt, also located in the Faroe Islands. However, the HiddenFjord solution differentiates itself from the previous solution by being designed as a mobile unit, capable of being brought out into the fjord.

By bringing the container solution out on the water instead of bringing the catch to a facility on land, the stress levels of the fish are minimised, and thus maximising the freshness and quality of the catch.

The custom-built solution is based on 40ft High Cube containers, which are fully installed with electricity, washable walls and floors (veterinarian standards), drains, and a separate control room.

HiddenFjord salmon is raised in open waters, without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Furthermore, the firm has developed the world’s most humane and natural harvesting method. In 2003, HiddenFjord was the driving force behind the implementation of the most stringent and comprehensive regulations for aquaculture in the world (Faroese Veterinarian Act on Aquaculture). With our new solution, the stress-free salmon rearing environment is maximized, and this, once again, puts HiddenFjord at the forefront of Faroese quality salmon production.

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