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Custom built mobile generator supply

Dantherm Power had problems due to lack of capacity in relation to the power supply, and lacked facilities with a reliable customized generator.
Because of this, Dantherm Power needed to find an economically sensible and reliable solution.

DC-Supply supplied four customized 10ft containers to Dantherm Power in Hobro. The containers were designed for generator supply, and were created in close cooperation with Dantherm Power. The container solution had to cover Dantherm Power’s specific needs in the form of a container solution that had the same reliability as a backup power supply. The collaboration between Dantherm Power and DC-Supply produced the absolute best solution. The four customized containers were put into operation by Dantherm Power’s customer.

The container generators, which could be directly integrated into existing networks would help provide safe and reliable power to the existing power grid (peak power shaving). The generator had a rapid start-up time and could immediately replace existing emergency power supplies, such as batteries and diesel generators.

The system was powered by hydrogen, and as a result, the only waste product would be water vapor. The product was also silent and had low maintenance costs.

The same type of solution was also used at COP ’14 in Poland.

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