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Mobile Salmon Slaughterhouse

A new set of rules in the Faroe Islands’ fishing industry was the reason that the Faroese company, Luna Salmon farming, chose to move their slaughter unit to where the salmon are, rather than move the live salmon to the slaughter unit.

Mobilt lakseslagteri
Transport af Mobilt lakseslagteri

By moving their slaughter units according to the location of the salmon, another challenge arose as the employees needed somewhere to stay. The result was a mobile salmon slaughterhouse, provided by DC-Supply, which could be moved from farms to fish farms. With this, Luna minimized the salmon’s stress threshold and thus extended their shelf life. The container solution gave Luna the flexibility they needed since the salmon slaughterhouse could be quickly and easily moved as needed. Besides the mobile slaughterhouse, DC-Supply also supplied Luna with a finished residential solution for their employees inside the mobile slaughterhouse. The residential room was an economically viable space in which the employees could reside. Luna’s employees had a safe, comfortable environment and a place to stay, no matter where they were working in the Faroe Islands.

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