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Petroleum gas container

Aalborg Municipality came to DC-Supply with a specific challenge concerning the lack of facilities for liquefied petroleum gas.
Flaskegas container - 8 fods standard ISO container
Flaskegas container - åben
Flaskegas container - skema
The desire was a movable solution that could freely stand outside, and which was secured against theft and vandalism for a reasonable price.

DC-Supply delivered a special solution in the form of an 8ft container for the storage of liquefied petroleum gas. The municipality had previous problems with theft of their bottled gas, which is why DC-Supply constructed a container model that could be approved for the storage of liquefied petroleum gas.  Aalborg Municipality has since been free of gas theft. At the same time, the new gas storage is incredibly easy to handle and move around.

A solid 8ft ISO container that can be delivered with either a wooden or steel floor.

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