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Production Facilities for Havsbrún, Faroe Islands

Insulated 40ft High Cube container.

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Produktionsfaciliteter til Havsbrun, Færøerne - set fra siden
Produktionsfaciliteter til Havsbrun, Færøerne - set indefra
Produktionsfaciliteter til Havsbrun, Færøerne

Custom-built container for production in the Faroe Islands

Havsbrún in the Faroe Islands needed additional facilities for the storage of their industrial water filters. To ease the handling of the filters, there needed to be access points on the side of the container.

The facilities were built from a 40ft High Cube container. The container was insulated and had the side doors installed. In order to protect the floor, aluminum corrugated sheets were installed. The container was also equipped with electricity. After the renovations, the container was re-certified and shipped to the Faroe Islands on a containership.

Special transport brackets were constructed to properly brace the openings on the side of the container during transportation.

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