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Temporary classrooms

Aalborg Municipality was in charge of renovating Vejgaard School due to mold. This created an immediate shortage of facilities.
Midlertidige klasseværelser - udefra
Midlertidige klasseværelser - indefra
Midlertidige klasseværelser - hestesko
They were in need of a fast, efficient, and economical solution that would provide the facilities to educate the children without any detraction.

DC-Supply delivered eleven customised containers covering a total of 150 square metres. The temporary facilities were constructed in a horseshoe-shaped set-up with two large classrooms. This was connected to the walking area, which included wardrobe and toilet facilities.

The temporary container classrooms was a simple but effective and safe solution to an urgent problem. The mobile containers could be quickly assembled and connected to the existing infrastructure.

The containers are fitted with a toilet, wardrobes, and other school-based inventory.

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