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Wind turbine communication systems

System Teknik’s problem was a lack of customised facilities for their wind turbine communication systems.
Kommunikationsanlæg til vindmøller
Kommunikationsanlæg til vindmøller indeni
Kommunikationsanlæg til vindmøller detalje
Due to a problematic location out in the middle of the sea, System Teknik had to find the best solution that would protect the equipment from harsh wind and weather conditions. It would also be sensible economically solution.

DC-Supply delivered customized 10ft containers for System Teknik. The containers are converted into communication systems in close collaboration with Systems and DC-Supply. The starting point was to create a container solution that would completely meet System Teknik’s current preferences. Afterwards, the container was equipped with communications equipment, battery bank, and diesel generator.

The containers contained diesel generators that could supply the necessary power to the batteries in the container.

The containers have custom-built communication systems for wind turbines and are equipped with batteries, panels and antennas.

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