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20 ft office container – CSC approved.

Based on a standard 20-ft container (model 2041) – DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply has developed a new, lower cost office container, though still adhering to our high quality satndard and with CSC approval.

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2041 Kontor container
2041 Kontor container
2041 Kontor container

Flexible and easy-to-transport office in a container

The office container has end door entry with a white PVC door and secure cylinder lock access, next to a top-hung, outward-opening window including roller blind. Additionally – the office has 4 wall-mounted hat/coat hooks, as well as 2 LED light fixtures mounted in the ceiling. The office container flooring is coated with vinyl, thus providing a durable and easy to clean surface.

The container comes equipped with an external, end-mounted, 16A 400V inlet and breaker box with: HPFI/RCD circuit breakers – 2 rows, 1 pc. 10A 1P0 group for lights and general consumption, 1 pc. Edm 100 Z fan with switch/disconnect. Furthermore, the office container also includes a dedicated 10A 3P group for heat. Heating must run on its own connection, thus enable one to subsequently retrofit a separate dedicated line eg. for Greenlandic temperature conditions.

In order to keep the price down – chipboard coated with fiberglass and huntonit panels, replace the standard bathroom and Troldtekt panels that DC-Supply traditionally use. The insulation level is unchanged however, and the whole solution is still of high quality, being constructed to a very high standard.

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