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Container accommodations.

Bane Denmark’s responsibilities consist of maintenance, renewal, and expansion of the railway network. For this work, train cars are obviously needed to transport the workers and equipment to the places where the rail network is to be repaired and serviced.

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Mandskabsbeboelse til Banestyrelsen - togsæt
Mandskabsbeboelse til Banestyrelsen set indefra
Mandskabsbeboelse til Banestyrelsen set indefra

All facilities for the crew gathered in container train carriages

The train carriages are designed to carry passengers and/or cargo, but when Bane Denmark workers are on maintenance and service tasks, facilities such as offices, workshops, kitchens, and bathing facilities are necessary for the workers to complete the task.

DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply was commissioned to construct and equip custom-built containers that met Bane Denmark’s specific needs in the form of rolling offices, kitchen facilities, canteen, workshop, and bathrooms for the travelling personnel.

DC-Supply’s container solution provided Bane Denmark’s employees with a safe, comfortable, and flexible environment. The container “town” can also be moved as needed.  With this solution, Bane Denmark’s staff get a sense of safety and comfort, no matter where they are in Denmark.

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20 ft toilet module

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