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Crew facilities in Greenland

Crew facilities in Tasiusaq: Modular solution

In Tasiusaq, Greenland, the need for modern and functional crew facilities has led to the implementation of an innovative solution from DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply. The crew facilities are based on a modular structure combining technical precision with space-saving design.

Lightweight transport

A notable feature of these modules is their lightweight construction, making them easy to handle in the remote Greenlandic settlements. The lightweight design does not compromise comfort or functionality but enhances the efficiency of both transport and setup.

Modules with purpose

The utilized container modules are designed to meet specific needs. Three 8-ft containers are interconnected to create a complex of crew facilities. Each module is carefully constructed to ensure technical durability and functionality under the harsh Greenlandic conditions.

Kitchen and living area: A module dedicated to cooking and communal spaces ensures that the crew has a central place to gather and enjoy meals.

Entrance and heating: Another module serves as the main entrance with a heating unit and storage space, creating an inviting atmosphere and ensuring a comfortable temperature throughout the facilities.

Bathroom: The third module is equipped with shower facilities, adding an extra convenience to the crew’s daily routine.

Freestanding Storage unit: In addition to the three interconnected modules, there is a freestanding module specifically designed for storage purposes, providing convenient storage for necessary equipment and supplies.


Delivered to Tasiusaq

This advanced crew facility has been delivered to Tasiusaq in Greenland, where the modular construction allows for flexible adaptation to changing needs, ensuring that the crew can work and live comfortably throughout the project.

The modular solution symbolizes a fusion of technical innovation and practical design, addressing the unique challenges of delivering modern accommodation facilities in remote areas such as Greenland.

Crew facilities in Tasiusaq: Modular solution
Crew facilities in Tasiusaq: Modular solution
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