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Residential container with gas incinerator toilet

In this residential container for two occupants that DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply delivered to a customer in Greenland, all available space is fully utilised: Inside, you will find a bathroom with a gas incineration toilet, a kitchen with a dining area and also a separate bedroom.

Residential container complete with gas incineration toilet - delivered in Greenland
Residential container complete with gas incineration toilet - delivered in Greenland
Residential container complete with gas incineration toilet - delivered in Greenland
Residential container complete with gas incineration toilet - delivered in Greenland

Custom-built residential container for use in Greenland

The custom-built residential container with a gas incineration toilet has been delivered to a customer in Greenland. The residential container can accommodate two people and is furnished with a shared bedroom, with individual beds and where each occupant has their own storage locker and coat rack. You will also find a complete kitchen, with sink, hob and refrigerator as well as a dining area. The residential container’s bathroom contains a shower, washbasin and gas incineration toilet.

The residential container is built upon an insulated 20-foot ISO container and has been re-certified (CSC-approved) after conversion, therefore it can be shipped as a traditional 20-foot container to Greenland.

Gas incineration toilet with no connection to the sewer system

This residential container is specifically custom-built for use in Greenland, where local conditions have to be taken into account – especially regarding the lack of any traditional sewerage systems as we know from Denmark.

In Greenland, everyday life is often challenged by the lack of sewerage. DC-Supply A/S has many years of experience in delivering custom-built container solutions to customers in Greenland. Our high level of expertise and in-depth understanding of the practicalities in Greenland – give us the know-how to solve challenges around sewerage and supply. For example, have a look at our self-sufficient toilet container solution here >>

For this particular residential container, the toilet predicament is solved by implementing a gas incineration toilet. The incinerator system burns at such high temperatures, that all that is left after toilet visits is odourless and bacteria-free ash. The incineration process is powered by gas instead of electricity, and the toilet can be used in places without access to electricity. The toilet is waterless with no need to be connected to a sewer system. This gas incineration toilet is also environmentally friendly – if four people use the toilet for a week, it will produce an amount of ash barely capable of filling a teacup! The ash can even be used as a fertiliser.

If you would like to establish accommodation or residential facilities in Greenland, our experienced staff will be happy to help with advice and guidance on smart solutions for a demanding environment or in relation to geographically specific conditions. All our solutions can always be tailored and adapted to meet your unique needs.

Give us a call or send an email if you have any questions, or would like advice. We are ready to help.
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