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Mobile Fishing Plants in Containers

The customer needed a process and sorting unit for a fishing vessel.
Fiskerianlæg i containere
Fiskerianlæg i containere indeni
Fiskerianlæg i containere plantegning
The equipment had to be mounted when a particular fishing season begins. The solution was built in containers. The customer’s wanted an economically reasonable solution that lived up to the customer’s specific needs in a safe and responsible way. The solution needed to have the ability to be moved and transported as needed.

The solution was a set of grouped containers, two 20ft and one 10ft with doors, penetrations, and ship doors.

Within three weeks, DC-Supply delivered two 20ft and one 10ft container, which, when combined, created a sorting facility for fishing vessels. DC-Supply made all the installation work according to the customer’s preferences. The processing plant is mobile, meaning that the customer can move the system aboard when the specific activity is taking place. The system can also be serviced on land while other fishing activities are in progress.

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