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Offshore service container

The customer needed a solution for service building containers with offshore approval.
Offshore container
Offshore container lås
Offshore container indefra
This container solution allows DC-Supply’s client to serve customers in the oil industry. Our client separated the container into two rooms, and installed its own technical equipment for the task, but needed our help with the offshore approval.

A 15ft custom container was built and prepared for installation by the customer, with no container doors but two steel doors on the side with push bar, and lock fitted. DC-Supply  delivered the container including the necessary certificate and associated chains to keep the offshore container in place.

This customised container enables our customer to operate in even the most inaccessible places of the sea where drilling rigs are often working 24/7 for several years at a time.Damage in this element can be catastrophic, and so there is no room for bad gear or non-certified equipment. Only the best equipment works and gets those tasks done.

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