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Housing center in Nuuk

At DC-Supply, we produce custom-built crew and family residential containers.
Genhusningscenter i Nuuk
Genhusningscenter i Nuuk set indefra
Housing center in Nuuk
We can supply customized residential and housing facilities for construction sites, refugee and youth housing, resettlement center, etc. DC-Supply can provide accommodation for a family or several hundred men. Whatever your need, we have the solution.

We have provided a housing center in Nuuk, Greenland, where there was a need for facilities that were flexible, could quickly be constructed, and were able to withstand the natural elements. It had to easily and without difficulty be able to accommodate families or single people for various lengths of time.

DC-Supply delivered nine containers, which were connected in series to a single unit. They are insulated, and CSC approved for transportation to Greenland. The Resettlement Centre in Nuuk contains a total of six bedrooms with space for thirty-six people, toilets, bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a hallway with lockers for personal items, and a guardroom.

The Housing Center arrived as finished containers and could therefore be assembled quickly so that it could serve as a home for the center’s residents and make them feel comfortable during their daily life.

Give us a call or send an email if you have any questions, or would like advice. We are ready to help.
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