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Industrial high-pressure cleaner container.

DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply builds and sells a solution based on a 10-ft container for storing your industrial high-pressure cleaner. The container provides a safe, above-zero frost-free environment for your high-pressure cleaner – thereby preventing the water in the cleaner from freezing. The high-pressure cleaner container is fully insulated and also comes equipped with an easy access – easy empty collection tray.

The industrial high-pressure cleaner container can also be delivered in Greenland.

Industrial high-pressure cleaner container
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Industrial high-pressure cleaner container
Industrial high-pressure cleaner container
Industrial high-pressure cleaner container
Industrial high-pressure cleaner container

Safe, container based storage of industrial high pressure cleaners

For many haulage operators, construction sites or similar operations – winter can be an annoying challenge when it comes to industrial high-pressure cleaners. As the frost sets in, there is a risk that the water in the cleaner freezes – potentially destroying the machine. At DC-Supply, we have developed a container model for frost-free storage of high-pressure cleaners. Among other things – The container is insulated and equipped with a collection tray that makes it easy to empty any spilled liquid. Electrical package and air extraction / ventilation is also included, giving you the optimal storage solution for your expensive high-pressure cleaner.

Being only 10 ft in size, it is easy to find space for the container on site, allowing safe storage of your high-pressure cleaner during the cold months. The container also comes equipped with fork pockets, making it easy to move the container around the site as needed.

If you need to secure the high-pressure cleaner in the storage container even further – we also recommend the purchase of a container lock approved in the highest insurance class (grade 5). At DC-Supply, we offer a wide selection of container locks, and are happy to help you find the right one for your particular situation.

Would you like further information about our container for high-pressure cleaner storage? Then call us on +45 70231380 or send us an email info@dc-supply.dk – Our experienced, friendly staff is happy to help and advise you in getting the right solution for your needs.

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