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Residence with Toilet and Shower
DCS 2081

At DC-Supply, we produce specially modified toilet and bath containers for accommodation.
2081 3d visualisering
2081 håndvaske
2081 plan
This 20ft ISO container meets all requirements, and can be used individually or connected to a series of up to ten containers. They can be connected quickly and easily.

With this type of container, you and your employees can have a safe and comfortable stay, regardless of where you are. The container is practical, easy to move, and can be built together with other modules as required.


  • Toilet, shower, and crew accommodation
  • Two separate showers, two toilets, four sinks with soap dispensers, and changing bench
  • Installation includes a water heater, fans, two heaters, and ceiling lightings. Electrical connection 32A CEE intake
  • Supplied with 110 mm outlet and 1″ water connection
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