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Test Container for Ballast Water Treatment

The customer’s challenge stemmed from the lack of a water treatment unit.
Test container til rensning af ballastvand 3d
Test container til rensning af ballastvand
Test container til rensning af ballastvand detalje
They needed to be able to create something new and be amongst the first to market. This was essential for the client, who came to us from abroad. A test container for the water treatment unit had to be quickly delivered to the test place in Denmark. After the testing, the container had to be disassembled in order to ship the installed equipment over the Atlantic in the container itself. Therefore, they needed a mobile solution, which could ensure that the equipment could be stored securely during transportation.

A 20ft container with re-certified CSC certificating for shipping on container ships.

DC-Supply constructed a 20ft container with re-certified CSC-approval. The container can accommodate even the most advanced systems and ship them around the world. All cuts, adjustments, and flanges were created in our 3D program, so the customer could actually “install” and adjust the equipment before the actual installation at the test site. Additionally, the customer could quickly create a test container with extended height and internal crane.

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