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Flexible module-based accommodation solutions

Flexible accommodation solutions in modules for e.g. student residences, recreational centres or crew accommodation etc. – can be customised to meet exact needs of your company,

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Buy or rent modular accommodation solutions

All solutions provided by DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply are characterised by being stable and built on mobile units. The solution can be changed depending on the customer’s unique needs. DC-Supply’s unique solutions also make it possible to change locations of the accommodation area.

All the different residential solutions can be equipped with different design options in areas such as housing, sanitation, shower, changing rooms, offices, meeting facilities or canteen. At DC-Supply A/S, there is both the opportunity to rent and purchase these standard modules and they can all be combined as needed.

DC-Supply’s flexible accommodation solutions are an efficient, flexible and cheap solution when high quality residencies are needed.

Our flexible modular accommodation solutions have all the necessary facilities such as toilets, bathrooms, residential and accommodations rooms.

The individual solutions can be built according to specific needs and requirements. Additionally, we have a very short delivery time – only 10 to 14 days from when the order is placed.

We also deliver all typer of accommodation modules in Greenland.

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