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8 ft technical container .

Masanti, a consulting engineering company in Greenland, had problems finding a customised solution for their communication equipment.

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8 fods teknik container 3D visualisering
8 fods teknik container
8 fods teknik container indefra

CSC-approved technical container – easily transportable 8-ft container

The unit had to be transported from Denmark to Greenland in a safe and responsible manner. The dimensions and weight had to be kept level, making it possible to carry it up a mountain.  For this reason, it also had to be designed to withstand harsh winds and weather.

DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply delivered, for this purpose, a specially designed CSC-approved 8ft insulated ISO container with a door area. This was designed based on the customer’s preferences. Since Masanti’s core activities are in Greenland, weight and dimensions were a crucial point. The container had to be approved for marine transport, and withstand many years of use and harsh weather conditions.

The custom-built container could also be carried by helicopter, so they could relatively effortlessly bring it up to the mountain top and other more or less inaccessible places in Greenland. The result was a flexible, secure container solution for storage and transport of Masanti’s communication equipment.

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