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Canteen and kitchen containers.

At DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container Supply, we produce custom-built containers with a kitchen and temporary canteen for when large or small companies run into challenges or have to renovate their existing facilities.

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Custom-built containers for kitchens and canteens of all sizes

DC-Supply A/S can help by leasing or selling canteen and kitchen facilities, which can quickly and easily be set up next to existing kitchens or buildings. The only thing needed before use is to connect the power and drain, giving you a kitchen as good as an ordinary professional kitchen.

A custom-built kitchen and canteen container comes in several modules and can be built together as a large room, with the potential to cater for up to 400 people at once, which is twice as many as other mobile kitchens. The canteen size can be changed as needed as they can be built together with other modules. The size can be expanded or minimised based on your needs.

A mobile kitchen from DC-Supply A/S is suitable for canteens, catering, kitchen companies, renovation projects, events, construction sites and the like. DC-Supply’s mobile kitchen offers an excellent alternative for those facing a rebuilding project. One of the reasons why a mobile kitchen from DC-Supply A/S is an ideal choice is that other similar solutions on the market are generally incredibly expensive and rather difficult to set up compared the containers provided by DC-supply A/S.

Other canteen containers from DC-Supply A/S:


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