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Custom built ISO container for accommodation

The drilling rig, Maersk Guardian, arrived early in the morning to dock at the Port of Hirtshals. The assignment was a major refurbishment of the drilling rig
Transportabel ISO container til beboelse
ISO container til beboelse set udefra
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The task that would take between 2-3 months and provide extra work for 600 men. The challenge was to supply the port area with additional facilities that would make room for the many workers.

DC-Supply had a solution in the form of a flexible modular ISO container for crew accommodation. This solution provided changing rooms, showers, and toilet facilities for 200 people. The container solution also provided 300m2 of office space, both open plan offices and individual offices. Kitchen and canteen facilities were spread out over 200m2 in the form of DC-Supply’s container kitchens comprising of three containers. The accommodation had all the necessary facilities, including changing rooms, showers, toilets, a kitchen, canteen, and offices. All units were in operation around the clock while the renovation of the drilling rig was ongoing. The total shipment consisted of 100 container units. A modular solution means that the buildings could quickly be scaled up or down as needed. ISO standard size of the modules meant a fast and smooth transport on land and at sea.


  • Model 2052 for shower, toilet and changing facilities
  • Model 2041 for a one-man office
  • Model 2041 for open offices and a canteen
  • Model 2094, 2095, and 2096 as a hot kitchen, dishing area, cold kitchen, and refrigerated storage.
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