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Container Housing for Students

Flexible, temporary accommodation.
Containerboliger til studerende - indretning
Containerboliger til studerende
Containerboliger til studerende udefra
Thousands of students in Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, and Aalborg are without a place to live. A change in zoning laws now allows municipalities to construct temporary housing to help alleviate this issue.

At DC-Supply, we already have a fully developed container solution for student housing. A major advantage with such a solution is that the containers can be moved easily to wherever housing is needed. Furthermore, the flexible solution does not call for any permanent changes in the local neighborhoods, meaning the apartments can be moved with no need for demolition.

DC-Supply has extensive experience in the design, production, and delivery of containers for temporary housing and accommodation, both in Denmark and abroad, e.g. Greenland and Uganda. Every step of production is in-house, allowing us to tailor each container to the customer’s specifications.

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